Authors’ guidelines

Each issue of TRIALOG has a main topic, but unrelated contributions are occasionally included. We appreciate articles and abstracts related to the thematic focus of the association. The relevant editorial team decides which contributions will be published. In some cases, a double-blind peer review is provided. Contact for authors: Dorcas Nthoki Nyamai, E-mail:

We regret that we are not in the position to offer authors any financial remuneration. Following publication, authors receive a free copy of the relevant issue.

TRIALOG articles are (usually) published in English with a German summary or in German with an English summary. Articles should not exceed 22,000 characters including spaces. Please send all texts as Word documents and include a short text (three lines maximum) about the author (academic degree, profession, current occupation / research, main fields of experience, email contact) – with a photo showing the author.

Further photos, graphics, diagrams, tables, etc. are highly welcome. Please send them as separate files in JPG or TIFF format, and with proper indication in the filename (e.g., “Scholz Figure 1” / “Scholz Table 2”). They should not be embedded in the Word document. Do not copy photos from Word documents or the internet, as the resolution is too low for printing. Photographs must be of the same size as foreseen for their publication AND have a resolution of at least 300 dpi. The rights for reproduction of images must be provided by the author. Please avoid graphics requiring colour printing, as the journal is predominantly printed in black and white.

Always provide captions for all sent images or graphs.
Figure 1: View over the beautiful skyline of Mombasa CBD. Photo: W. Scholz 2035
Table 1: Population growth of selected African cities 2000-2030. Source: W. Scholz 2033

Quotations: Do not use footnotes to indicate references. Sources should always be cited in the text, in parentheses.
(Name Year: page number)
Example: (Scholz 2018: 68)

References: References should only be mentioned if there is a direct link to quotations in the text. Please list your references at the end of the text in alphabetical order as follows:
Name (year) Title. Location of publisher: publisher.
Example: Scholz, Wolfgang (2018) The African City. Nairobi: UN Habitat Press.

Quoting an article or a chapter in a book:
Name (year) ‘Title.’ In: Name (ed.) Title, pages. Location of publisher: publisher.
Example: Teschner, Klaus (2027) ‘Redefining the African City.’ In: Golda-Pongratz, Kathrin (ed.) The Fragmented City, p. 24-36. London: Penguin Books.

Quoting an article from a scientific review, a journal or a newspaper:
Name (year) ‘Title.’ In: Title of review/journal number, pages, location of publisher.
Scholz, Wolfgang (2031) ‘Learning from Africa.’ In: The City XI/53, p. 123-136.
Wemhöner, Antje (2040) ’30 Years of Emergency in Haiti.’ In: TRIALOG 225, p.12-15.