TRIALOG membership

The association TRIALOG e. V. wants you! As an active member of the association, you have voting rights at the annual general assembly and can also help shape both the journal and other activities of the association. At the AGM, the board of directors is appointed, the editorial boards are appointed, and the focus topics of the upcoming issues are established. With the exception of the layout and printing of each issue, which are contracted and paid, all participation is voluntary.

Members receive the latest issue of TRIALOG and have access – in the restricted members’ area – to PDF copies of all existing issues of the journal (including the current one) as well as to the protocols of the annual general meetings. Members also receive the current newsletter with information on job offers, events, and research projects relevant to the interests and topics of the association.
Membership to the association costs € 65 a year; for active students, € 40 a year. The membership fee includes the cost of a year’s subscription to the journal, TRIALOG.

After the first payment, new members receive a selection of five free copies of available past issues of TRIALOG from our journal archive as a welcome present.


Become a member

I would like to be a member of the TRIALOG e. V. I have read and accept the membership conditions as explained in the articles of the association.

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