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    numbertrimestertitledigitalprintTRIALOG 148/14903/2024Post-war Cities: Planning Recovery and Reconstruction TRIALOG 145/146The Housing-Health-Nexus and its linkages with aspects of livelihoodTRIALOG 144Ecuador: after Habitat IIITRIALOG 143Vol. 4/2020City, Community and Heritage in Egypt: 2011-2021TRIALOG 142Vol. 3/2020Decentralized water management in rapidly growing citiesTRIALOG 140-141Vol. 1-2/2020Cities and DisplacementTRIALOG 139Vol. 4/2019Just CitiesTRIALOG 138Vol. 3/2019Cultural SpaceTRIALOG 137Vol. 2/2019Co-Production of Knowledge in Urban DevelopmentTRIALOG 136Vol. 1/2019Open CityTRIALOG 135Vol. 4/2018Housing and Urban Redevelopment in the MaghrebTRIALOG 134Vol. 3/2018Resilient Urban Development vs. Right to the CityTRIALOG 132/133Vol. 1-2/ 2018China’s Eco-CitiesTRIALOG 130/131Vol. 3-4/2017Ethiopia - Äthiopien TRIALOG 1292/2017MENA Urban Research TRIALOG 1281/2017Urban Transitions in Africa TRIALOG 126/127 3–4/2016Neighbourhood Development TRIALOG 124/1251–2/2016Hábitat III - Quito 2016 TRIALOG 1234/2015Other Housing Strategies TRIALOG 1223/2015Who Wins and Who Loses TRIALOG 120/1211–2/2015Globaler Süden - Global South  TRIALOG 118/1193–4/2014Spaces of Memory - Lugares de memoria TRIALOG 116/1171–2/2014Multi-locality TRIALOG 11504/2013Cuba - Housing Policies TRIALOG 1143/2013Oman – Rapid Urbanisation TRIALOG 112/1131–2/2013Camp Cities TRIALOG 1114/2011–2012Private Urbanisation TRIALOG 1103/2011–2012Urban Public Transport TRIALOG 1092/2011–2012Urban Rural Linkage TRIALOG 1081/2011–2012Public Space TRIALOG 1074/2010Urban Development and Spirituality TRIALOG 1063/2010Designing for People TRIALOG 1052/2010Wasser in der Stadt TRIALOG 1041/2010Perspectives on Urban South Africa TRIALOG 102/1033–4/2009Redefining the Urban TRIALOG 1012/2009Borders and Migration TRIALOG 1001/2009Urban Visions TRIALOG 100a1/2009Special Jubilee Supplement TRIALOG 994/2008East Africa TRIALOG 983/2008Vertreibungen/Forced Evictions TRIALOG 972/2008Es wandelt sich! TRIALOG 95-964/2007 - 1/2008Think Future  TRIALOG 943/2007Housing Policies TRIALOG 932/2007 Imposing European Urban Structures  TRIALOG 921/2007Megacities  TRIALOG 914/2006Building on Disasters  TRIALOG 903/2006Urban Coalitions  TRIALOG 892/2006Controlling Urban Space - The Rise of New Actors  TRIALOG 881/2006 Afghanistan  TRIALOG 874/2005 Violence and Insecurity in Cities  TRIALOG 863/2005 Lehre und Forschung  TRIALOG 852/2005 Regionalkultur - Cultural Diversity  TRIALOG 841/2005 Orte Bauen  TRIALOG 834/2004 Entlang der Seidenstraße  TRIALOG 823/2004 Urban Mobility  TRIALOG 812/2004 Micro Governance  TRIALOG 801/2004 Neo Liberal Urbanity  TRIALOG 794/2003 Tourism and Development  TRIALOG 783/2003 Social Production of Habitat in Latin America  TRIALOG 772/2003 Infrastruktur und Entsorgung  TRIALOG 761/2003 Stadt und Wüste  TRIALOG 754/2002 New Settlements  TRIALOG 743/2002 Urban Land Management  TRIALOG 732/2002 Disaster Relief  TRIALOG 721/2002 Eco-community  TRIALOG 714/2001 Eco-Technology  TRIALOG 703/2001 Peripheries  TRIALOG 692/2001 South(ern) Africa  TRIALOG 681/2001 China  TRIALOG 674/2000 Aneignungen und Transformationen  TRIALOG 663/2000 Grassroot Urbanity - Local Heroes  TRIALOG 652/2000 Urban Agriculture  TRIALOG 641/2000 Algier - Stadt, Metropole, Region  TRIALOG 634/1999 Planning and Health  TRIALOG 623/1999 Lehre und Forschung  TRIALOG 612/1999 Curitiba - Towards the Sustainable City  TRIALOG 601/1999 Gender and Sustainable Cities  TRIALOG 594/1998 ASA-Projekte  TRIALOG 583/1998 Urban Heritage and Cultural Tourism  TRIALOG 572/1998 Latin America - Building the City  TRIALOG 561/1998 Urban Renewal in Southeast Asia  TRIALOG 554/1997 Planung kommunal - Planning Local Government  TRIALOG 543/1997 Krieg - Zerstörung - Wiederaufbau  TRIALOG 532/1997 Hof Häuser - Courtyard Houses  TRIALOG 521/1997 Built in Latin America  TRIALOG 514/1996 Tailor made - Maßgeschneidert  TRIALOG 503/1996 Habitat II - Crowding and Health  TRIALOG 492/1996 Istanbul Habitat  TRIALOG 481/1996Infrastruktur für nachhaltige Entwicklung  TRIALOG 474/1995 Community-Based Housing Finance  TRIALOG 463/1995 Brasilien Brazil Brasil  TRIALOG 452/1995 Local Government - Kommunale Selbstbestimmung  TRIALOG 441/1995 Women Planning Development - Frauen Planung Entwicklung  TRIALOG 434/1994 Urban India  TRIALOG 423/1994 Lokale Architekturen  TRIALOG 412/1994 Locating Positions - Positionsbestimmungen  TRIALOG 401/1994 Orientalisch islamische Alstädte  TRIALOG 394/1993 Planungsmethoden - Planning Methods  TRIALOG 383/1993 District Planning in Action  TRIALOG 372/1993 Großsiedlungen  TRIALOG 361/1993 Informal Settlers in the First World  TRIALOG 354/1992 Denkmalpflege in Südostasien  TRIALOG 343/1992 Plan and Reality  TRIALOG 332/1992 Phänomen Cuba  TRIALOG 321/1992 Urban Indonesia - New Developments  TRIALOG 314/1991 México Stadt  TRIALOG 303/1991 Nigeria - Environment - Housing  TRIALOG 292/1991 Raumwandlungen  TRIALOG 281/1991 Urban Ecology  TRIALOG 274/1990 Städtische Infrastruktur  TRIALOG 263/1990 Siedlungskonzepte  TRIALOG 252/1990 Technologie hin Technologie her  TRIALOG 23/244/1989 - 1/1990 Public-Private Initiatives  TRIALOG 223/1989 NGOs & CBOs  TRIALOG 212/1989 Planning as a Dialogue  TRIALOG 201/1989 Housing and Planning Research  TRIALOG 191/1989 Traditionelle Architektur  TRIALOG 183/1988 Self-help Housing  TRIALOG 172/1988 Umwelt Dritte Welt  TRIALOG 161/1988 Kooperativen  TRIALOG 154/1987 Partizipation and Habitat  TRIALOG 13/142-3/1987 Slum- and Squatter Upgrading  TRIALOG 121/1987 Angepasste Technologien  TRIALOG 111/1987 Frauen als Betroffene der Planung  TRIALOG 103/1986 Internationales Jahr der Hilfe für Menschen in Wohnungsnot 1987 TRIALOG 92/1986 Mittelstädte  TRIALOG 81/1986Behutsame Erneuerung Historischer Stadtzentren  TRIALOG 73/1985 Raumordnungen  TRIALOG 62/1985Socialist Housing - Shelter Policies in socialist Third World Nations  TRIALOG 51/1985Ausgrenzungen  TRIALOG 43/1984 Die Häuser der Revolution  TRIALOG 32/1984 Ausbildung & Berufsbild  TRIALOG 21/1984Regionalplanung  TRIALOG 11/1983 Wohnungsbau für die Armen  

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