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Virtual Trialog Conference 2021
08.-11.09.2021, Virtual “Changing voices? European Civil Society in the Global Urban Development Discourse” in collaboration with the IHS, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Civil society’s engagement in urban development in Africa, Asia and Latin America provides a complex picture which can be interpreted in many different ways. This year’s TRIALOG conference aims for a critical self-reflection of past and future roles of European civil society and academia. While assessing the roles and impacts of these Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), and the transitions and reform processes they underwent, we also would like to discuss its way forward: What will be the new roles for the coming generation of CSOs?

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Trialog Conference 2019
Whose knowledge counts? The meaning of co-productive processes for urban development and urban research

This was the motto of the TRIALOG Annual Conference 2019, which took place 7th-9th of November 2019 at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.

The conference explored urban research and development approaches that go beyond conventional forms of knowledge production and include the complex landscape of actors in urban development.

You can download the book of abstracts and an illustrated conference recap.


TRIALOG conferences since 2000

Coming soon: TRIALOG  Annual Conference 2021 08.-11.09.2021, Virtual “Changing voices? European Civil Society in the Global Urban Development Discourse” (details will be available shortly)

TRIALOG  Annual Conference 2020
Unfortunately, due to the COVID-Pandemic, we were not able to make a conference part of our annual meeting happen.

TRIALOG  Annual Conference 2019 07.-09.11.2019, Stuttgart  Whose Knowledge Counts? (illustrated conference recap)

TRIALOG  Annual Conference 2018  07.-08.06.2018, Dortmund  Resilient Urban Development versus the Right to the City?

TRIALOG  Annual Conference 2017  01. 12. 2017, Berlin  Mapping Space and Action

TRIALOG  Annual Conference 2016  16.-17. 06. 2016, Kassel  Neighbourhood Development in the Global South

TRIALOG  Annual Conference 2015  14. 11. 2015, Hamburg  Resource Efficiency

TRIALOG  Annual Conference 2014  18.-19. 09. 2014, Dortmund  Multilocality

TRIALOG  Annual Conference 2013  21. 02. 2013, Berlin  Metropolitan Regions

TRIALOG  Annual Conference 2011  18. 11. 2011, Frankfurt  Public Sphere

TRIALOG  Megacity-Colloquium`11  15.-17. 09. 2011, Darmstadt  Taming the Megacity

TRIALOG  25 Years Jubilee Congress  15.-16. 01. 2010, Darmstadt  The Urban Question

TRIALOG  Annual Conference 2009  01.-02. 05. 2009, Berlin  Redefining The Urban

TRIALOG  Annual Conference 2007  02. -03. 11. 2007, Cottbus  Strategies for Development

TRIALOG  Annual Conference 2006  20.-21. 10. 2006, Vienna  Reconstruction Experiences

TRIALOG  Annual Conference 2005  05. 11. 2005, Berlin  Urban Coalitions

TRIALOG  Annual Conference 2004  23.-24. 10. 2004, Karlsruhe Place Matters

TRIALOG  20 Years Jubilee Congress  13.-14. 02. 2004, Darmstadt  Nachbarschaftsinitiativen

TRIALOG  Annual Conference 2001  27. 10. 2001, Braunschweig  Ökologie / Zwänge / Utopien

TRIALOG  Annual Conference 2000  28.-29. 10. 2000, Weimar

Local Heroes 21 – Städte für alle 2000  3.-6. 07. 2000, Berlin   Programme Local Heroes 21, Local Heroes 21 Congress paper 1, Local Heroes 21 Congress paper 2, Local Heroes 21 Congress paper 3